Union Européenne de Cyclisme
2021 UEC Road European Championships


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Competition schedule

Technical guide

Participation quotas Road Races Men Elite - Women Elite

Reallocation quotas Road Races Men Elite - Women Elite

Press accreditation (deadline 31 July)

Course Road Race (pdf) - GPX map

First lap Road Race (Men Elite - pdf) - GPX map

Course Time Trial (pdf) - GPX map

TV broadcast schedule

Entry list by Country

Final medals table

 Mixed Relay   Start list      Results 
 Time Trial Women Junior   Start list     Results 
 Time Trial Men Junior   Start list    Results
 Time Trial Women Under 23   Start list     Results
 Time Trial Men Under 23   Start list     Results 
 Time Trial Women Elite   Start list     Results
 Time Trial Men Elite   Start list     Results
 Road Race Women Junior   Start list    Results
 Road Race Men Junior  Start list    Results
 Road Race Women Under 23   Start list     Results 
 Road Race Men Under 23   Start list     Results
 Road Race Women Elite   Start list     Results
 Road Race Men Elite   Start list     Results


Official start lists will be available the day before the competition