UEC - 23 August 2018


Further to the worrying situation reported by some press organisations regarding the dangerous nature of the position of radios, fixed on riders’ backs, Rocco Cattaneo, President of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme, wishes to state:

«The interesting article in the La Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy) of 22 August has highlighted a critical situation that we think needs dealing with before it becomes a matter of urgency and must be given some serious thought.

The article points out that radios could be a potential danger for the safety of riders in the event of falls, in particular for the spine, since they are placed on the back, which is an aspect that must not be under estimated. 

As far as we are concerned, since the introduction of the first Elite Road European Championships in 2016, we have never permitted the use of radio devices during races and following the consequences of some falls that have occurred over the last few weeks, we are even more convinced about our choice.

We fully share the position taken by the C.P.A. President (Association of Professional Cyclists) Gianni Bugno who wants solutions to be found to reduce the risks which riders are facing. The safety of riders remains our priority and we are therefore willing to work together with the Union Cycliste Internationale and the CPA to address this situation as soon as possible.»