UEC - 10 March 2019


The annual Union Européenne de Cyclisme Congress was held today in Rome (Italy). This year the Congress was particularly significant since for the first time ever, it was organised together with the African Cycling Confederation. 

Prior to the Congress, on Saturday a private audience with His Holiness Pope Francis for National Federation representatives.  This joint Congress between the two Continental Confederations was an opportunity for sharing and exchanges attended by delegates from 43 European Federations and 30 African Federations as well as the Union Cycliste Internationale President, David Lappartient.

At this Congress, some amendments to the Constitution were unanimously approved by European delegates, in particular those that will give the UEC a new structure after the next elections (in Spring 2021).

The most important amendments apply to governance, which will change its own composition. Under the initiative of the International Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale, the sport’s world is undergoing a fundamental transformation in terms of management roles with increased female representation guaranteed by the UEC Constitution as follows:

- at least two women on the UEC Management Board (comprising 7 members)

- at least four women among the European Electoral Delegates (15 members)

- at least two women among the UCI European Management Committee members (7 European members)

Rocco Cattaneo, President of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme: «Today’s Congress heralds a new era for cycling on our continent. Sport and society as a whole are experiencing significant changes and we need to follow the initiatives of the International Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale to promote the increased representation of women in management positions, also bearing in mind that European cycling represents 80% of the world movement with 17% of women.

We are the first Continental Confederation to amend our Constitution in this respect, but the most important thing is that the delegates present unanimously approved these proposals, demonstrating that our National Federations are attentive and sensitive. We will also focus on the new disciplines that will be added to our calendar especially disciplines for the youngest athletes illustrating that cycling is a sport combining tradition and modernity. At the end of this important Congress, I would like to thank the President of the Union Cycliste Internationale, David Lappartient, for honouring us with his presence and the continuous close ties with the European cycling family and the President of the African Cycling Confederation, Dr Wagih Azzam, for sharing this moment with us. Special thanks go to the President and staff of the Italian Cycling Federation, Renato Di Rocco, for his warm welcome and impeccable organisation of the Congress as well as all the National Federations that attended this historic meeting for our movement.»

During the Congress, the top National Federations in the 2018 rankings were granted UEC Gold Licences (the most prestigious UEC award) which were awarded to Renato Di Rocco (Italy) and Dr Wagih Azzam (Egypt). The UEC Merit was awarded to the former President of the Israeli Cycling Federation, Dr Yoni Yarom, for his commitment to the development of cycling.

The next UEC Congress will be held in Tel Aviv (Israel), 13/15 March 2020.